Photograph of Daniel and his daughter


Hi, I'm Daniel and I'm front end web developer. I have a background in formal mathematics, but wasn't able to finish my degree. So I taught myself coding to become a web developer so I can support my family and get them the nice things they deserve. Also, I need to pay my student loans back. Eventually. Every day I try to learn more and more about web development so I can become the best, most well rounded programmer I can be. I'm also pretty sure that it'll help me make loads more money.

I'm currently using Team Tree House to learn Web Development coding.

Completed Tracks/Courses

  • Front End Web Development (Track)
  • Beginner PHP (Track)
  • Beginner JavaScript (Track)
  • Learn WordPress (Track)
  • Angular 1.x Basics (Course)

Last updated 09/25/17

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